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Today is Thursday 30th of June 2016. What a great day!. It is a great day for so many reasons.
So let me share a couple with you.

In Australia, today is the last day of the currant financial year 2015-2016. As a result, people’s minds turn to Tax returns. Those who are prepared will be ready to forward their returns to the Australian Taxation Office. Those who haven’t started their preparations will now start to think about doing so.

The main thing that comes to mind for me is that Home Businesses have to comply with Taxation Law just like any other business does. If you would like a home business that in 12 months time is making so much money you have to lodge a tax return please go to:


Another reason this is a great day is that we are 2 days away from our Federal Election. This time it is a double-dissolution election which means we will elect new representatives to our Lower House ( The House of Representatives ) and our Upper House ( The Senate). It has been a long, drawn-out campaign so most people will be keenly interested in the results as they begin to come in on Saturday night. The real triumph for Australians is that every 3 years our elected representatives are held accountable at the ballot box. As Winston Churchill once said: ” Democracy is the worst system of government there is ………….except for all the others”.

Who ever wins on Saturday we can still be sure that government will continue to be supportive of Business; and that includes Home Business. If you would like a Home Business of your own with your own website set up for free, and 5 income streams flowing from that website; please go to:


I just wish I could put into words how exciting, and challenging, and exhilarating it is to build a home business. If you want to test yourself and see if you can rise to the occasion you could do no better than go to:


Here you will receive all the help and support you could possibly want from none other than the Millionaire Home Biz Guy himself, Stone Evans, who is an absolute master in this field. As well, I will help and support you every step of the way to the best of my ability. That’s why I chose the name The Affiliate Angel. If you have questions or worries please email me at the address below and I’ll get back to you asap.

That’s probably enough for now, so……..

Till next time ‘enjoy the change’

The Affiliate Angel

John Corcoran

e. http://support@AffiliateAngel.biz



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